The provision of telecoms circuits into a building to provide communication services to installed equipment


The provision of correctly specified Telecoms circuits is critical to an organisation as they support almost every aspect of a businesses communcaitons and influence technology strategy and operation.  For example the advent of cloud computing that extends and IT network beyond its own building space would not be possible without the availability of affordable, high bandwidth telecoms circuits.


The issues we commonly face when working on Telecoms projects include:


  • Product options and specification
  • Procurement lead times
  • Landlord Wayleave agreements
  • Building entry points and installation coordination


Technology Moves provides a Telecoms Work Package to design and manage all aspects of the works to specify and install suitable telecoms circuits.  With our experience of working with Telcoms providers and an understanding of the issues that can occur we are able to ensure a client has the essential connectivity in readiness for building occupation.