Structured Cabling

The design, specifcation and installation of suitable cabling in order to provide communication media for installed equipment within a building

Despite the improvements in the reliability and performance of wireless technologies it is still often preferred to connect technology devices to the network using hard-wired connections.  The number of these devices is also increasing as more building service equipment runs over the common Internet Protocol (IP) platform.  As such there is a need for a single coordinated structured cabling solution that develps a coordinated cabling scheme for all equipment.
When designing a Structured Cabling plan we will consider the following:
  • Applications and their demand for bandwidth
  • Cabling specification to ensure longevity of the design
  • Flexibility for future floor layouts
  • Cabling requirements of all building system
Technology Moves offers a Structured Cabling Work Package that brings together all technologies into a single structured cabling design.  We are able to design and coordinate all cabling requirements for a building including the audio visual, voice and data and security systems.  Our single cabling scheme simplifies the containment systems and avoids duplication of services.