Equipment Rooms

The design, specification and build of suitable rooms to host networking and head end equipment


The design and build of suitably specified IT Equipment Rooms (both server and patch rooms) is an important aspect of the technology implementation in a building.  The services in the room need to be appropriate for the current kit to be installed and also have capacity for future requirements.  These rooms need coordination with the design team as they can take up valuable floor space and require dedicated building services.


When designing Equipment Rooms we typically have to consider the following:


  • Equipment requirements and future growth
  • Heat and Power loads for service specification
  • Floorplan layouts
  • Cabinet plans and equipment installation


Technology Moves offers an Equipment Room Work Package that recognises the importance of these critical rooms.  We work closely with the client's IT team to understand the equipment requirements for the space which we then develop into a room specification that is fully coordinated with all other building consultants.  During implementation we work closely with the main contractor to ensure the rooms are built according to specification and in a schedule that allows time for any pre-occupation technical deployment.